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Podcasting + Paid Traffic = High Ticket Clients with Jason How

scale Sep 09, 2021

What makes podcasting unique from all other platforms in terms of generating high ticket clients? If you’re as curious as I am, then listen in as Jason How delves through the know-hows with me. Jason is the man behind the successful generation of high ticket enrollees by top Coaching and Education businesses today. He’s generous enough to share his marketing secrets in this episode, particularly in the aspect of podcasting and growing a 6-figure business through high ticket clients. Find out how this Math wizard is leveraging data in growing and scaling a podcast! 

In this episode: 

[5:06] Discover the fundamental key to success in the podcasting genre that 6 out of 10 podcasters fail to pay attention to.

[9:10] Find out why the high ticket model is the most profitable business model in the podcasting funnel.

[12:29] Identify the 3 distinct places where a podcast fits in the picture in terms of generating traffic for high ticket clients and the turning point...

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How to Build Influence with your Podcast with Neal Schaffer

scale Jul 06, 2021

Some podcasters do not realize the power in the number of people listening week in and week out and forget that they are influencers in their own right. A podcast is such a compelling medium that if done right can reach more people to create a highly effective, sustainable influencer marketing plan. By collaborating with influencers, you borrow on their credibility so that you can reach targeted audiences and build your network and community.

In today's episode of the Podcast Domination show,  I am joined by Neal Schaffer who is an expert in digital marketing. Neal helps businesses and professionals through his expertise and he is the author of the book, The Age of Influence: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your Brand. In this episode, Neal offers a wealth of valuable insights, so make sure you listen through to the very end.  


In this episode:

- The best practices podcasters do to maximize the platform of podcasting. (...What are the 3 benefits of the...

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Advanced Facebook Organic Marketing Session with Sean Kemp

scale Jun 18, 2021

Sean Kemp is an expert direct response copywriter and has generated 8-figures online for clients in 3 years with his copy and marketing strategies. In this episode we will have an in-depth conversation with him on how to use organic marketing concepts in Facebook. We will discuss preparing your offers, conducting research, monetizing your content by using other people's pages, and so much more. If you are listening to this on a replay, be sure to write down notes because this is going to be massive.

In this episode:

- How to create offers that monetize on other people's audiences?

- How can the 'done for you content' put your offer into the next level?

- What is the 'Two Steps' concept and how can creating it push people to go on the buyer's journey? 

- If you are to create a new Facebook group, what are the ways that you can do to fill it in with members?

- How do you combine email and social media to create a storm of new buyers?

- What is the process or engagement sequence...

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From 0 to Interviewing Legends With Frank Rich: Where Are They Now Series

scale May 18, 2021

In this episode of our 'Where Are You Now Series', we are going to have a conversation with Frank Rich, a former client and friend, whom I’ve helped structure his podcast. He is a body building muscle transformation coach and we will talk about his journey in the podcasting space. Through his podcast he was able to create a direct impact from people reaching out to him for help in regaining control of their lives. With due diligence and doing the right pitches, he was able to reach out to big names and legends to come into his show for interviews. 


Enjoy listening!


- What is his goal from every guest he brings on to his show?

- What makes the people he invites to his show say yes?

- How does the podcast play a role in helping men get their breakthrough in their lives?

- How do people looking out for help reach out to him?

- What's next for Frank with his podcast?


  Free Resources   


All of My Podcast Equipment & Software:...

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Use the Prescription Method to Close More Deals and Create Super Fans

scale May 07, 2021

I was texting a seasoned podcaster the other day when he shared with me this amazingly simple but highly effective way of getting your podcast out there...It takes a little work but if your coaching, consultant or a service provider selling high end service then this can literally be the exact system you and your team use to turn the podcast into a client generating machine

Let's hop in!


So I was texting a friend the other day asking him some questions about marriage. I'm a new husband and I personally feel I make a lot of mistakes being a newbie at this I always look to seek out an expert to shorten my path and with the end hope of making LESS mistakes and learning from someone else!

So .... He and I were going back and forth and when he knew what I needed help with he used what I'm going to call the podcast prescription method...

Let me explain - since he's going hundreds of podcasts he's talked about just about every know problem there is in marriage lol

So instead of...

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Scaling from 60K Months to 400k Months (0 to 20k dls) with Brian Mark

scale May 03, 2021

Do you want to learn how to explode your business through podcasts? In this episode, you will know what's working in their podcast or what's working in their business and some tips that you can implement right now for your business. My guest is a fellow fitness buff, a fired up guy and friend, Brian Mark who had a business doing 60k a month, but with the podcast it really took him to the next level. You'll be able to see how he did it all from his perspective and get some great takeaways for your own content strategy. If you're looking for an edge over other businesses out there then this episode is perfect for you! 


In this episode:

- Understanding social capital

- Grow your show with the Prescription Method

- Double or triple your reviews by following this one tip

- Two tips that every podcaster should know in order to grow their shows.

- A recommendation from Luis to push for more reviews

- Grow your show with the Prescription Method

- Learn how to make a marketing...

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2 Reasons Why Most Podcasts Don't Reach 100k Downloads and Are Not Profitable

scale Feb 22, 2021

A podcast is a lot like a business.. as you progress there are problems every business owner faces....

For example:

In the online space its usually

  • Create an Offer
  • Get Lead Flow for the offer
  • Sell the leads
  • Fulfill on the product
  • Build Fulfilment systems
  • Create Scalable Marketing Systems
  • Get off the Phone
  • Train and Coach Your Team


Podcasting is not too different however there are fewer steps:

  • Setup and Launch the podcast successfully
  • Get Lead Flow for the podcast
  • Convert the leads into raving fans & clients
  • Repeat steps 2 & 3


Steps 1 and 2 are typically the hardest, and if done wrong getting to #3 is impossible.


Here's how you fix these steps


#1 Set up the podcast for maximizing your growth and revenue from the show.


Like choosing a business model, there are different "podcasting models" to use that impact your ability to grow, stand out from the competition, and monetize.


If you've already started and haven't...

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Podcast Episodes That Sell Your High Ticket Offers with the HICSO Method

scale Feb 18, 2021

Podcasts are not really sales tools but they can be. THE ONE THING I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER IS: Follow this structure in your episodes so people can hear, retain and take action on your message. 

Enjoy listening!

In this episode:

- How to create episodes using the HICSO framework

- What is the HICSO Method? 

- Hook - why is this the most important of the 5 parts of an episode?

- Intro - where you state the ‘why’ of the episode.

- Content - which is the teaching part.

- Summary - give one or key takeaways from the episode

- Outro - where to find out more information


- The Start Scale and Monetize Podcast Community

- Talk 1 on 1 About Launch and Scaling Your Podcast

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5 Podcast Insights For Marketers and Biz Owners to Capitalize on in 2021

scale Feb 07, 2021

Key Takeaways:

- If you want to stand-out then it's not about creating radically amazing content most podcasters just need to rethink how they are presenting it.

- Episode structure + better hooks

- Clubhouse will be a new way to interview people with an audience


5 Podcast Insights

1. Podchaser - ability to see your competition's numbers, get contact info and see how big their potential audience it

2. Listennotes - the ability to see your competition's numbers, get contact info and see how big their potential audience it

3. New growth ad platforms - Like Podcast Republic and EarplugPR and more are coming

4. Amazon Trying to Buy Wondery for 300M means their in the game with Spotify and Apple. Buying up media assets is a thing now so if your show blows up it could be a very profitable asset for you.

5. Spotify buying Megaphone = A better ad experience for those looking to run ads on podcasts :) 



Growth & Monetization Podcast Workshop

The Start Scale...

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Unlocking Podcast Profits with Hiro.Fm for Coaches, Course Creators and Experts with Carla White

scale Dec 28, 2020

Are you in the info business but not converting your content or offers into what you have envisioned it to be? 

I am excited about today's episode because our guest Carla White, is not only a life and business coach but is known as the “Top Women in Tech''. She is the first woman to launch a mobile app which has been in the top charts for over 11 years. Today we are going to dive-in at the killer app she has created that has helped and will help podcasters, course creators, influencers, authors and all those in the info business to increase the consumption of their content, increase lead magnets and revenue streams or even resell access to their audio products.

*Get the free training on how to start, scale and monetize your podcast. Go to Facebook, search for my name Luis Ryan Diaz, and shoot me a message with the word “training”*

In this episode:

  • Carla White’s background in the tech space, her amazing story and her pivot from the corporate world to...
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