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Podcast Episodes That Sell Your High Ticket Offers with the HICSO Method

scale Feb 18, 2021

Podcasts are not really sales tools but they can be. THE ONE THING I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER IS: Follow this structure in your episodes so people can hear, retain and take action on your message. 

Enjoy listening!

In this episode:

- How to create episodes using the HICSO framework

- What is the HICSO Method? 

- Hook - why is this the most important of the 5 parts of an episode?

- Intro - where you state the ‘why’ of the episode.

- Content - which is the teaching part.

- Summary - give one or key takeaways from the episode

- Outro - where to find out more information


- The Start Scale and Monetize Podcast Community

- Talk 1 on 1 About Launch and Scaling Your Podcast


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