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Is Gary Vee Wrong About Podcasting?

monetize Nov 04, 2020

My thoughts..

I don’t think most people want to want to wait for people to magically find out what you do. I think you should give them great tips but then provide a clear next step for them the take. 


-----> Create a green light offer on the back end of the each episode and tease it at the beginning by opening loops


-----> WHAT I do think he’s right about is that truth that if you talk about what they actually care about they will pay attention. 


------>TRUTH If you want to do a podcast that only talks what you care about then good luck you'll have an audience of one.



- Focus all your content on WHAT THEY CARE ABOUT.

- Use a greenlight offer to get people who are ready right now what they want in a non-salesy



How to Make a Podcast People Want


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