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growth Nov 29, 2020

We are having a training in this episode so that you can maximize your podcast promotion and implement it into your own business. I have seen it all and believe me, most podcasters have a problem with - what happens after the podcast goes live. Does it stop there? Definitely not! There are yet several things to do, like checking how your podcast can get into the hands of the people who are going to want to listen because your podcast episode can solve a problem that they have. How do you get it into the hands of your customers? Or, how do you nurture the existing leads that you have with your podcast, to be able to close a sale. I have a great tool that you can use so that you can see growth in your organic marketing. So listen to the very end and check how to avail of this great system to maximize your podcast promotion.

In this episode:

  • The problems that most podcasters face after their podcast goes live.
  • The spreadsheet that I am using which is a linear process to go...
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How To Get To Podcast Nirvana

scale Nov 25, 2020

Here’s what Podcast Nirvana looks like

A podcast that ..

  1. Gives you expert authority positioning in your space.

  2. Creates multiple revenue streams for you; leads, partnerships and opportunities come from your podcast regularly (JV's, Speaking, Clients)

  3. A system that only takes about 1 to 2 hours a week max where you only do the things you love (recording) because you have systems and a team in place that do all the heavy lifting.


Connect with Luis:

  1. Generates tangible results for people who listen to the show so that your listeners get results in advance, so much that you receive thank you emails.

If that sounds like something you want to move towards hop in my DM and would love to hear where you are at right now and what you need to get to podcast nirvana

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How Our Agency Clients Generate 10k Plus with the C.A.P. Sponsorship Model

monetize Nov 23, 2020

In this episode I will share with you a cool conversation with a client who implemented the C.A.P. Sponsorship Model and has started to generate 10k plus monetizing his podcast. If you are about to launch your podcast or already into podcasting but want to scale more, this episode is for you. You will know why I recommend C.A.P. (Custom Advertising Packages) vs C.P.M. (Cost Per Mille) and what’s the difference between the two. Plus information on the live training special that I will conduct this coming Black Friday. Don’t miss out on this episode because this is really loaded.


In this episode:

  • What is the CAP model and how to use it in your podcasts?
  • C.A.P. (Custom Advertising Packages) vs C.P.M. (Cost Per Mille) 
  • In-depth explanation of the CAP in my book, "How to Get Your First 100K Downloads in 100 Days" with a video module
  • My Two Options/Recommendations as to whom you can do the CAP model with
  • Information on the Black Friday Special Live Training...
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3 Tools To Create High Converting & Relevant Content Create

growth Nov 12, 2020

Step 1: Identify the END GOAL. We want to always reverse engineer the desired ACTION we want people to take first before recording. If planning an interview show then have the guest involved if possible.

Step 2: Come up with an EXCITING title/ Keywords that are going to get people to click.


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Tools for Content Research


Other Tips for Research

- Research top podcast competitors in Apple Podcasts

- Google 'Top 10 __ (your topic) Podcasts

- Search Facebook groups and poll potential listeners

- Look at your competitors BEST performing Instagram and Facebook Posts

- Search Facebook Ads Library for long-running ads that have been running for your competitors


Connect with Luis:

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Is Gary Vee Wrong About Podcasting?

monetize Nov 04, 2020

My thoughts..

I don’t think most people want to want to wait for people to magically find out what you do. I think you should give them great tips but then provide a clear next step for them the take. 


-----> Create a green light offer on the back end of the each episode and tease it at the beginning by opening loops


-----> WHAT I do think he’s right about is that truth that if you talk about what they actually care about they will pay attention. 


------>TRUTH If you want to do a podcast that only talks what you care about then good luck you'll have an audience of one.



- Focus all your content on WHAT THEY CARE ABOUT.

- Use a greenlight offer to get people who are ready right now what they want in a non-salesy



How to Make a Podcast People Want


Connect with Luis:


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Tough Love: 5 Reasons Why Your Podcast Is Not Growing

growth Oct 28, 2020

Truth is ….. 

- Focusing and thinking too much about XXXX and you need to change your thinking to YYYYYYY

- Not strategic with their content (Focus on Pain/Solution) content not Random AF interviews unless you're just wanting to podcast and sound like everyone else

- Your not promoting your own stuff. (70/30 split) 

- Need to redo your artwork and Possibly the name of the show b/c its too broad and boring

- Focusing too much on the next new hack instead of trying to enter the conversation inside them mind of your ideal listener (its not hacks, its about creating stuff that makes your listener change their beliefs) 

- Your focusing too much on getting more listeners and no on converting the ones you already have >>>>GREEN LIGHT OFFER

- Speaks to the perfect client problem

- Scarcity (Time/quantity/ Discount going away/ limited spots / bonuses going away)

Connect with Luis:

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The Only 7 Tools You Need To Run a Profitable Podcast

scale Oct 21, 2020

On this episode, I'm going to break down all the equipment I use. You will be surprised how untechnical and unskilled I am at podcasting equipment.

Too many people screw around with equipment. And ultimately, it just confuses the hell out of them.

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Mic Atr 2100

Boom Arm - Neewer Extension Boom Arm






Connect with Luis:

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Build Influence With These 3 Types of Podcast Episodes

growth Oct 14, 2020

*Get the free training on how to start, scale and monetize your podcast. Go to Facebook, search for my name Luis Ryan Diaz, and shoot me a message with the word “training”*

#1. "Entry Point" Episodes


3 Best Tools To Automate your Inbox and Save 4+ Hours a Week on Email 

How to Write a Cold Email That Gets High Response Rate

3 ways to easily be more productive TODAY.

Why make this content

It's easy to make. There's some SEO benefit with these episodes

It's easy to create a CLEAR benefit rich hook/title with these episodes. It will get CLICKS for months and years. It's the perfect kind of content you need as an "entry point" for new listeners who do not trust you. 

Creates results in advance (if someone used those tools they will likely see value and you're podcast will be attached to that memory) 

#2 Conversion Episodes

Here you're taking that attention you built previously and then getting them to believe in your ability to help...

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5 Things I WISH I Knew Before Launching My Podcast

launch Oct 07, 2020


Are you planning on launching a podcast or starting a new one? This topic will help you throughout your journey in podcasting. In this episode I will speak about the minor things you need to know that will make a huge difference over the long-term.

*Get the free training on how to start, scale and monetize your podcast. Go to Facebook, search for my name Luis Ryan Diaz, and shoot me a message with the word “training”*

In this episode:

  • Going narrow and then growing your podcast
  • Tips on getting sponsorships
  • What smart goals to set when starting a podcast
  • Discover the smart ways of getting more listeners to your podcast.
  • Find out how to mobilize and incentivize your audience to support your growth


Connect with Luis:

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How to be a Podcast Guesting Powerhouse with Christine McAlister

growth Sep 29, 2020

Today, I am interviewing Christine McAlister, a business coach and author of “The Income Replacement Formula: 7 Simple Steps to Doing What You Love & Making SIx Figures From Anywhere”. She is also podcast show host of “No One's Ever Asked Me That” and she has been featured on Entrepreneur on Fire and by Arianna Huffington, to name a few.  

Our topic is very interesting. We are going to talk about how to use “podcast guesting” as a powerful tool to leverage your business. You will also discover key points to help you become a podcast guest powerhouse. 


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*Get the free training on how to start, scale and monetize your podcast. Go to Facebook, search for my name Luis Ryan Diaz, and shoot me a message with the word “training”*


In this episode:

  • How to be a...
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