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👊🦸‍♂️How to Get on Other Podcasts - Facebook Live Collab with Podcast Expert Daxy Perez👊🦸‍♂️

scale Mar 15, 2020

What's the fastest way to get attention from your ideal listener in podcasting?

My opinion is podcast guesting...the right way.

Today I’m joined by a good buddy of mine and fellow podcast producer, Daxy Perez. Daxy is a smart marketer. He was able to help people launch and grow some of the largest podcasts in the world. He is responsible for over several million listens for his clients.

Today we discuss how to get on other podcasts and open the floodgates on your influence as a podcast guest!

We walk through step by step how to get on other shows and get noticed by the podcast host you want to collaborate.

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You’ll Discover:

- The 4 top places to find podcasts your target audience is already listening to. - The tips on how to position yourself as the PERFECT guest for a podcast plus exact websites to connect with them - How to over deliver on the podcast interview so...

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"I Don't Have Time to Start a Podcast!" Here's How to Do It 4 Hours a Week

distribute Mar 15, 2020

Why do people quit podcasting?

Well, there are a lot of reasons, but one reason is TIME.

It is the reason why most people apply to work with my team.

Nevertheless, you can do it on your own it just will take a bit longer, here’s to set it up.

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0:49 - The number one excuse of people why they cannot start a podcast

2:25 - Gary Vee content model

3:19 - Two results of repurposing your content can do to your product, service, and brand

3:43 - Story brand's branding message

5:38 - The process of clear, consistent branding

7:26 - Week 1: How to come up with titles for your show

7:46 - Week 2: Outline the key concepts under your titles

8:01 - Week 3: Record the first episode

8:23 - Week 4: Record the two more episodes

8:31 - What is batch recording and how to do it


People Mentioned:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Tim Ferris

Eric Sui

Donald Miller




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✨💎🎧Listening to Your Audience, Making Irresistible Offers and the Itunes Alogarithm with April Meracle✨💎🎧

scale Mar 15, 2020

Today I sit down with my friend April, from the Get Fit FAST with this Foodie by April Meracle podcast.

We look at what she’s doing to grow the podcast, and I offer some advice and ideas around how she could further develop her show and serve her audience better.

I hope you learn, act and dominate :)

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2:51 - April's end goal with the podcast

3:47 - The distribution process she followed whenever an episode is published

5:02 - Luis' recommendation on how to maximize the use of the Headliner App

7:40 - What is the most frequently asked question of April's audience

9:47 - Two big ways to widen your listenership

13:20 - Luis and April diving deep on her audience's age demographic

14:20 - April's lead magnet for her podcast listeners

15:07 - Luis' suggestion on how to make an irresistible offer for her audience

24:59 - The Apple Podcast Algorithm

26:59 - Find out the...

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🤖💬📟Messenger Bots for Podcast🤖💬📟

distribute Mar 15, 2020

I love email marketing but there are two things that make it not the best tool for me.

  1. I’m not good at it.
  2. It’s getting harder to hit the inbox and get your message read. So you’ve got to be DAMN GOOD.

So for me, ManyChat is something that's, not quite as competitive as email plus open rates are better.

Today, you’ll learn some strategies on how to use your podcast and ManyChat together to build awareness, leads and some ideas around incorporating flash sales on your episode.


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1:00 - One tool to use to leverage your podcast reach

1:41 - Why do you need to use chatbots to grow your audience, increase downloads and build authority

3:53 - In-depth training; set up a mini-training using ManyChat

5:35 - How ManyChat will solve the problem of podcasters that wanted to track their data

6:22 - Shownotes and bonuses; put them on your ManyChat...

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📰📻WTF is Newsjacking📰📻

scale Mar 15, 2020

What is Newsjacking?

 Is it legal? HA that was what I asked the first time I heard of this while scrolling through my emails.

A few months later I ran into the work of David Meerman Scott, the dude who created it (whom I’ve met and had the chance to speak to). The guy is brilliant and the method WORKS.

So today, we dive to newsjacking and how to bake this into your PODCAST content.

 Secret….I’m VERYYY big on this right now and it's not mine (like most of my good ideas haha).

 It's being the “Oprah” of your brand. (Shout out to Craig Ballantyne) I’ve adapted it to be more of the “ESPN” of your industry. Entertaining, up-to-date and educational.


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1:12 - The number one way to go viral all-year-round

1:22 What is newsjacking

2:36 - Types of newsjacking

2:55 - As a podcaster, how can you...

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🎙️📜Overcast Ads for Podcasts - My Real Results📜🎙️

distribute Mar 15, 2020

Ever thought of running ads to grow your show? Well, I did. And here are my results.


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01:26 - Explanation of his results of overcast podcast ads

02:28 - Describing Overcast Stats features and what makes it advantageous over Libsyn and iTunes

03:10 - Where to find stats in Overcast:

04:02 - What comprise the Overcast statistics and what are they showing

06:10 - What is this podcast stats for and why you should have them

09:36 - More Advertising platforms for podcast start-ups

10:17 - Why you need good copy and ads

12:21 - Running down on one of his stats results and describing what's in it and how it helps


Connect with Luis:



Facebook Group


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📚🤝Podcast Influencer Paul Edwards on Interviewing like an Expert, Roi Effective Networking and the Best Networking Books Period🤝📚

scale Mar 15, 2020

SUPER pumped for this interview, you guys, Paul’s been like a big brother to me for a bit.

He’s resilient, resourceful and an expert networker.

Today Paul shares his best books for learning how to network better than 99% of people online, the extreme power of getting interviewed on other shows to boost your credibility.


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05:49 - Becoming good at networking and how he started at it

11:54 - Talking about the number one rule on how to surely engage people on Facebook

16:50 - The transition from being solo on his podcast show to getting interviewees

22:15 - How giving value to others ends up you getting a valuable network in return

27:38 - Ways on getting on with other shows and networking with certain people

37:18 - Valuable books about becoming great at networking



Superconnector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business...

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🎧Two SIMPLE Ways to Grow Your Podcast You're not Using🎧

scale Mar 15, 2020

PSTTTT can I tell you one secret about podcasting …?

I learned this after researching, studying, analyzing, and analyzing tons of the top shows, the Pat Flynn’s, John Lee Dumas’, the Tim Ferriss’ for years… year freaking years.

I BET you won’t see this coming; I know it because I didn’t see it either.

It was pretty refreshing but again a stark reminder that this is an actual long game.

Okay okay, I’ve teased it enough, the secret…?

For your show to grow, you’ve got to get scrappy and resourceful.

Today I’m going to help you achieve those TWO things. You see shows grow over timeeeeee not overnight.

Even the BIGGEST names have come to me saying “man I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t grow my show.”

You’d be shocked to see it not only you.

Scrappy and resourceful means you use every piece of real estate, every opportunity, every collab, every post (well okay almost every...

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♻️📝The #1 Tool for Effort-Less Content Repurposing with Shaina Weisinger♻️📝

distribute Mar 15, 2020

On this episode, I sat down with Shaina From

Shaina is a badass and brilliant marketer. Her company is the perfect resource for any podcaster, Youtuber, or any content creator looking to stretch the usage of their content to the MAX.

In this episode, we dive into unique ways to repurpose your content, the Gary Vee Content Model (which I’m a huge fan of) and we unpack Shaina’s podcast strategy for 2019, how to create audiograms for free and much more.

Be sure to checkout

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0:38 - How did Shaina started with the concept of Repurpose House

1:10 - Why providing value is important in creating video content

1:33 - Do not create one content and let it die

4:00 - Shaina’s backstory on how she started on Marketing

6:51 - Smart ways to repurpose your podcast content

8:47 - Where most of the creators get content to...

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🎤👨‍🎤How to Plan the Perfect Podcast Episodes(Free Worksheet)🎤👨‍🎤

distribute Mar 15, 2020

What are the questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you press record?

If you are familiar with Pastor Andy Stanley, you might find this familiar. After hearing him and Donald Miller speak about these questions I noticed something.

There wasn’t any template or worksheet for Podcasters to use to prepare thoroughly for a podcast episode.

So using these questions, I developed the Perfect Podcast Episode Planner to help you create content that sticks.

Be sure to try these out before recording your next episode to make sure what your creating is going to be relevant, valuable, and it STICKS.

Let me know what you think on INSTAGRAM @luisryandiaz.


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1:02 - Podcasting growth tool of the week

2:03 - How to use ManyChat for your podcast show

3:04 - Featured Presentation: Perfect podcast planning worksheet

4:39 - Purpose of the worksheet

5:53 - The number...

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