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8 Do or Die Tips For Launching a Podcast in 2020

launch Aug 07, 2020

Do you want to know how you can reach new people in a way that is authentic and effective? Is there a way to do it without running costly ads? Oh yes, it can be done. 

This is why I created this particular episode because I want to give my awesome listeners the best tips to launch a podcast that will grow their business, get more clients and build their brands. Plus you’ll get valuable information on how you can train with me on how to start, scale and monetize a podcast. 

So stick on and enjoy listening.


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In this episode:

- Learn my 8 best tips when launching a podcast in 2020

- Stay in your own lane instead of trying to cover everything under the sun

- How to nail your 4 pillars of attraction

- How to get your listeners to stick around 

- Test out Ads, but start with a small budget.

- Hosting platform, tools and software that I recommend to help you with your podcasts


Other Resources mentioned: 

- Free training - Go to my Facebook page and shoot me message with the word “Training”

- "How to get your first 100,000 downloads"

- Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy by Katie Ferraro

- Hosting platform - Captivate

- Audio Software


Two Microphones I recommend:

- ATR 2100x 

- Samson Q2U


Connect with Luis:


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