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Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

There is no one-size-fits-all technique when it comes to podcasting techniques to attract more engagements. If a podcasting mentor tells you their program works and forget about the rest, it can work for you but it can also not. What you have to understand is how to find your niche and focus more on the relationships and building connections first, then the revenue follows. In today's episode of the Podcast Domination SHow, I bring you Adam Schaeuble with his unique and sometimes comedic tactics for scaling his podcast show.

In this episode:

- How did Adam Schaeuble get into the  podcasting space?

- The power of the 'Niche' in your show.

- How was Adam able to find sponsorship and attract a lot more

- The three basic master plans in Adam's podcast show

- What are the biggest realizations that he recognized being in the podcasting space since he started to now?

- The Pod Pals Zoom Party and what's it all about?

- What other tactics or programs can someone wanting to get into the podcasting space do to build up engagement to their show? 

- How many reps did Adam take before finding the right niche that worked



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