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5 Rules For Creating a Podcast Title That Grows Your Audience Organically

scale Jun 08, 2020

Are you wondering what to name your podcast? Have you ever thought why some titles are a little boring and vague? Join Luis Diaz as he talks about the five rules to follow when picking an amazing podcast title. We’ll be getting into the specific things to avoid and the homework you should do to make your podcast title engaging and interesting, both for your listeners and the algorithm. You never know how the smallest of details could affect the growth of your show!

By the end of the episode, you will learn the value of understanding your audience and doing your homework. Stay tuned, and enjoy!


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In this episode:

  • Why you need to understand who your audience is and how that will help you title your podcast
  • Why small symbols that seem grammatically correct should be left out of your title and how they can ruin your searchability
  • How to use keywords on Google to help you complete the perfect title




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