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Elevate Your Expertise with Jackie Kotei

scale Mar 23, 2020

In this episode, I get to interview Jackie Kotei who is a publicity, award-winning journalist, and media strategist known for helping soul-driven entrepreneurs dream bigger and get the media to say YES, through her training, coaching, and media booking programs. She talks about some of her personal experiences in the business for over 10 years and how she got to where she is now in terms of starting a company that focuses on helping people spread their positive message and inspire the world.

Not only will she give you some insightful information about what it takes to make it to national TV, but she will also provide you with 4 highly important frame steps to getting noticed and booked by prime time television. Oh! And you’re not going to want to miss the gift she has for you!

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In this episode:

- How Jackie helped people to get their transformational stories heard on Television and Radio.

- How to get the Media to say YES

- The importance of providing value when contacting someone about your story

- How to find the correct media contacts

- Use the NO answer as information to help you cultivate media relationships.

*Resources Mentioned in this Episode*

The Quick Start Template to Getting the National Media to Say YES! -

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