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Pinterest Secrets: How to Unlock Quality Traffic from the Worlds Best Visual Search Engine

scale Mar 23, 2020

In this episode, I get to speak with Tereza Toledo, a social media manager, and Facebook Ads Marketer. She is passionate about helping people grow their target market through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Tereza is also an expert in applying the latest techniques and strategies to help people and businesses gain new customers while expanding their interest in Pinterest.

Tereza will be speaking to us about why Pinterest is considered the best visual Search Engine, how you can properly use it, and find out the best techniques to grow your Pinterest account by creating content, gaining traffic and staying consistent.

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In this episode:

- Tereza talks about how she gets started with Pinterest.

- What are the two important questions you need to ask yourself before getting into Pinterest

- The most common misconception about Pinterest

- How to create content and pin to level up your Pinterest.

- Why is it extremely important to create content with images that will attract users to come back for more

- Consistency is key when it comes to gaining traffic, therefore, it’s crucial to pin your content and keep them fresh and updated.

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