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5 Secrets You Need to Know If You Want to Crush It with Daxy Perez

scale Mar 23, 2020

Being an outstanding and successful podcaster goes beyond having a simple show. In this episode, I’m joined by a brother (from another mother) Daxy Perez, host of the Podcast Success Secrets Show. He shares the key things you need to stand out as a leader and develop a more direct consumer relationship. Join us to learn why putting his secrets into practice can make the difference between succeeding and failing to draw people into your personal message. We´ll tell you how building a movement with a personal brand and a message behind it -- that targets the needs that no other podcasters do -- is vital to developing authority, building trust, and crushing it with your podcast.


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In this episode:

  • Why people tend to fail or succeed as leaders.
  • Why people need to build a podcast NOW to position themselves in the market. 
  • How a podcast can be an intimate platform that can help you build your personal brand.
  • Tricks and tactics to drive traffic to your podcast so you can get a deeper connection with people, plus how to build a message with movement.
  • How emotional and educational factors appropriately attached to a message can attract more people´s attention.
  • Good things take time: Hear why podcasts can be compared to compound interest
  • The secret behind connecting to people through the market´s needs and wants.
  • Why it’s so important to identify your sales message with your own core values.
  • How to figure out new problems in your market and build your own platform with successful advertising that presents solutions.


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