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7 Ways to Never Run Out Of Podcast Content

distribute Jul 30, 2021

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all the interesting content out there and are at a loss for ideas for your podcast, you will gain fresh insights from today’s episode. I rounded up my top 7 no-fail strategies that allow me to never run out of ideas for my content. Plus, I added a bonus strategy that will surprise you for sure, like, is that even possible? Absolutely! You can take your pick and see what works then you can tailor fit to your style and personality. 

In this episode:

[3:14] How long can you go without having to dig for new ideas by making a series versus making episodes?

[4:37] Learn the simplest and easiest technique you can try TODAY when creating content for your podcast! 

[6:26] 4 reasons why success stories are a win-win for you and your clients.

[9:02] Discover the most effective method of content creation! Hint: it's something people love to count. 


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How to Use a Podcast if You're Spending Over $10,000 in Paid Advertising

monetize Jul 14, 2021

A lot of entrepreneurs spend tons of money on ad spend, on paid traffic but are not getting the results they wanted. In the process of getting people into their funnels, they often overlook something very important. What is it that they are missing and eventually wasting money on? 

This is where a podcast comes in handy as a powerful tool in your pre-sales or pre follow up sequence and to promote bond building with your prospective clients and consumers. Use the podcast to your advantage!


In this episode:

- How are you losing so much money on leads that you're paying to bring people into your funnels? (...And it's a waste of everybody's time, too.)  

- Using your podcast to nurture and warm up people and more importantly, get them to trust you.

- Let's say you have the budget, how do you scale your podcast with paid traffic?



- Voxer: App for client communications - https://www.voxer.com/

- How to scale your podcast with paid traffic, work...

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How to Build Influence with your Podcast with Neal Schaffer

scale Jul 06, 2021

Some podcasters do not realize the power in the number of people listening week in and week out and forget that they are influencers in their own right. A podcast is such a compelling medium that if done right can reach more people to create a highly effective, sustainable influencer marketing plan. By collaborating with influencers, you borrow on their credibility so that you can reach targeted audiences and build your network and community.

In today's episode of the Podcast Domination show,  I am joined by Neal Schaffer who is an expert in digital marketing. Neal helps businesses and professionals through his expertise and he is the author of the book, The Age of Influence: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your Brand. In this episode, Neal offers a wealth of valuable insights, so make sure you listen through to the very end.  


In this episode:

- The best practices podcasters do to maximize the platform of podcasting. (...What are the 3 benefits of the...

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Get Media Features and Building an Unforgettable Brand with Sabah Ali

distribute Jun 29, 2021

Creating an irresistible brand people can't say NO to is the expertise of Sabah Ali. In today's episode of Podcast Domination Show she brings with her fresh insights and perspective on personal branding that is unforgettable. So listen up and see how you, too, can be a success by showing your personal brand. People can start to connect with you because of how they see you in your post, in your social media accounts, or when they hear you speak. They may not engage with you right away but because your personal brand has left an imprint in their minds, they will connect with you sooner or later. Personal branding could be the main thing that is missing in your business strategies.


In this episode:

- The myths and misconceptions about ‘Personal Branding’. 

- How can they create content if they do not want to expose themselves to vulnerability

- How does Sabah help someone who is taking her program define their identity through the questions she asks

- Is there...

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How to Speak for Profit with Evolve Benton

growth Jun 24, 2021

Speaking is one of the talents that some of us possess that can enable us to earn a sustainable income either as a side hustle or full-time job. It does not matter if you are a new speaker or someone who has spoken for years; what counts is, you are passionate about sharing a message and if you are comfortable in front of people you can get paid for solving a problem through your speaking. 

Our conversation with Evolve Benton, will definitely give you important insights on how to use your voice for profit, determine how much money you want to come in and leverage it to create an impact. Evolve is a speaker, educator and has an MA in Clinical Psychology and LGBTQ Studies and an MFA in Creative Writing, definitely an authority in the speaking space.


In this episode:

- What is the first step you should take in order to find out if speaking engagements will be profitable for you?

- How do you filter through your potential speaking gigs 

- Why are discovery calls...

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Advanced Facebook Organic Marketing Session with Sean Kemp

scale Jun 18, 2021

Sean Kemp is an expert direct response copywriter and has generated 8-figures online for clients in 3 years with his copy and marketing strategies. In this episode we will have an in-depth conversation with him on how to use organic marketing concepts in Facebook. We will discuss preparing your offers, conducting research, monetizing your content by using other people's pages, and so much more. If you are listening to this on a replay, be sure to write down notes because this is going to be massive.

In this episode:

- How to create offers that monetize on other people's audiences?

- How can the 'done for you content' put your offer into the next level?

- What is the 'Two Steps' concept and how can creating it push people to go on the buyer's journey? 

- If you are to create a new Facebook group, what are the ways that you can do to fill it in with members?

- How do you combine email and social media to create a storm of new buyers?

- What is the process or engagement sequence...

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How to Have Rock Solid Podcast Launch

launch Jun 07, 2021

A podcast can be considered a business asset since it can increase revenue and build an audience with raving fans and potential clients. It is important to be clear on two things before you launch your podcast: your personal outcome and the business outcome. In your podcast, describe what you want to achieve for yourself and how your podcast will help your business gain more visibility and credibility. This episode covers the steps to catapult your podcasting career into the next phase, growing your audience and  monetizing your podcast.

Be sure to take down notes on the steps that I will share with you and be sure to check the links offered to further your goal in launching a solid podcast. 


In this episode:

- Why do you need a high-level strategy to launch a successful podcast 

- Step 0 -  What are the KPIs I'm looking for? Start by clarifying the personal and business outcomes

- Step 1 -  Pick a date to launch your podcast and put it in your...

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How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Podcast and Create Viral Content with Andrea Jones

growth May 31, 2021

In this episode you will learn a ton of cool things from our guest, Andrea Jones, a  social media strategist and host of Savvy Social Podcast. Over the past months, we've seen a lot of changes in the social media landscape and how the pandemic has shifted our behaviors online. This became an opportunity to be able to use social media to grow your business and more specifically growing your business through podcasts. Be sure to listen to the end of this episode because truly, you will learn so much. 




In this episode:

- How she become the successful social media strategist that she is today

- How has the social media plane changed during the pandemic and how it is still evolving through 2021?

- The next step in building connections and relationships to your potential podcast listener, potential client or customer

- What is “connection content”, and does it work on every platform 

- Why Andrea loves the algorithm of TikTok

- How can...

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From 0 to Interviewing Legends With Frank Rich: Where Are They Now Series

scale May 18, 2021

In this episode of our 'Where Are You Now Series', we are going to have a conversation with Frank Rich, a former client and friend, whom I’ve helped structure his podcast. He is a body building muscle transformation coach and we will talk about his journey in the podcasting space. Through his podcast he was able to create a direct impact from people reaching out to him for help in regaining control of their lives. With due diligence and doing the right pitches, he was able to reach out to big names and legends to come into his show for interviews. 


Enjoy listening!


- What is his goal from every guest he brings on to his show?

- What makes the people he invites to his show say yes?

- How does the podcast play a role in helping men get their breakthrough in their lives?

- How do people looking out for help reach out to him?

- What's next for Frank with his podcast?


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Is It Too Late to Start a Podcast in 2021?

launch May 14, 2021

It's too late to start a podcast. Yes or NO? 

Yes, it's too late to start a BAD podcast.  

But not too late if you have an "aligned podcast"

The real question is..what are you going to produce going to help you achieve whatever it is I want to achieve in business? 

But the REAL reason people falter is often due to a misalignment issue...

Meaning what they ultimately want from the podcast is not in alignment with how they are designing the show.


From the 

- guests

- content 

- offers

- growth strategy 

- monetization strategy 

A lot of times people will design the wrong podcast for the goal they want to achieve....

Meaning your podcast is more set up to build your name in the industry but you want it to primarily bring your leads and sales.

That's a misalignment issue.

For example, if you're a coach who's helping people remove the mental block from their subconscious mind and you want to use the podcast to bring on more...

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