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Is It Too Late to Start a Podcast in 2021?

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

It's too late to start a podcast. Yes or NO? 

Not too late to start a BAD podcast.  


The real question what I am going to produce going to help me achieve whatever it is I want to achieve or will it just be a waste of time???


But the REAL reason people falter is often due to a misalignment issue...


Meaning what they ultimately want from the podcast is in alignment with how they are designing the show.


From the 

- the guests

- the content 

- The offers

- the repurposing of the podcast

- The growth strategy 

- The marketing plan etc..


A lot of times people will design the wrong podcast for the goal they want to achieve....


Meaning your podcast is more set up to build your name in the industry but you want it to primarily bring your leads and sales...


that's a misalignment issue...


For example if you're a coach who's helping people lets say...


Remove the mental block from their...

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Use the Prescription Method to Close More Deals and Create Super Fans

scale May 07, 2021

I was texting a seasoned podcaster the other day when he shared with me this amazingly simple but highly effective way of getting your podcast out there...It takes a little work but if your coaching, consultant or a service provider selling high end service then this can literally be the exact system you and your team use to turn the podcast into a client generating machine

Let's hop in!


So I was texting a friend the other day asking him some questions about marriage. I'm a new husband and I personally feel I make a lot of mistakes being a newbie at this I always look to seek out an expert to shorten my path and with the end hope of making LESS mistakes and learning from someone else!

So .... He and I were going back and forth and when he knew what I needed help with he used what I'm going to call the podcast prescription method...

Let me explain - since he's going hundreds of podcasts he's talked about just about every know problem there is in marriage lol

So instead of...

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Everything You Need To Know About Apples New Premium Subscription Model and New Look

Uncategorized May 03, 2021

What you need to know: 

- There's No way to see WHO subscribes or get their emails

- This new subscription model will primarily benefit the GIMLET MEDIA's, Wondery's and NPR's of the World....not independent creators.

- Apple will take 30% the first year then 15% After that 

- $19.99 per year to offer paid subscriptions

- Pricing is set by creators (and billed monthly by default).







Connect with Luis:

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Scaling from 60K Months to 400k Months (0 to 20k dls) with Brian Mark

scale May 03, 2021

Do you want to learn how to explode your business through podcasts? In this episode, you will know what's working in their podcast or what's working in their business and some tips that you can implement right now for your business. My guest is a fellow fitness buff, a fired up guy and friend, Brian Mark who had a business doing 60k a month, but with the podcast it really took him to the next level. You'll be able to see how he did it all from his perspective and get some great takeaways for your own content strategy. If you're looking for an edge over other businesses out there then this episode is perfect for you! 


In this episode:

- Understanding social capital

- Grow your show with the Prescription Method

- Double or triple your reviews by following this one tip

- Two tips that every podcaster should know in order to grow their shows.

- A recommendation from Luis to push for more reviews

- Grow your show with the Prescription Method

- Learn how to make a marketing...

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How to Pivot Your Podcast & Lessons Learn From Landing Clients From Her New Podcast with Jess Jacobsen

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021

Jess Jacobsen is a social media strategist and host of the Social Strategy Slayer podcast. She's also a former client of ours! In this episode, we'll talk about how she pivoted her podcast to be more successful and what lessons she learned from landing clients through her podcast. We'll also chat about how the podcast has helped grow her business.

Listen in for some great advice! And don't forget to subscribe to the Social Strategy Slayer Podcast on Apple Podcast or Spotify so you never miss an episode!


In this episode:

- Jess’ learnings in podcasting that are valuable for people who want to be in the podcasting space?

- How to use the podcast to niche down and use it as an asset in the market that you are serving?

- A selfish question from Jess for Luis on how his agency sees social media working on the promotion of a podcast. 

- What is the Core Piece of Content (CPC) process and how to distribute it and make it work holistically to all funnels? 



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Client Case Study- 0 to 500k Downloads in Less Than 1 Year with Katie Ferraro

launch Apr 20, 2021

If you are launching a podcast now, you will learn tons in today's ’Where Are They Now Series’, a catch up episode with one of my clients. We linked up early in 2020 and around Mother's Day and amidst the pandemic, she dauntlessly launched her podcast, Baby Led Weaning. Now her podcast continues to rank no. 2 in the parenting category and has been crushing in on 500K downloads in less  than a year. You’ll be amazed at how Katie Ferraro took on the strategies that she has learned in the program and how she has created her own initiatives to leverage the success of her podcast. 


In this episode:

- Discover the strategies Katie uses to grow her podcast

- Hear from an experienced podcaster and learn what helped them make it as big as they have 

- What’s keeping them at #2 in the parenting category 

- How does she monetize your show?





Connect with Katie:

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5 Secrets To Recording Flawless Audio from Your Home

distribute equipment Apr 12, 2021

Today I will let you in to the 5 secrets that will help you produce better quality podcasts from your home.  You do not have to have a fancy studio to record your content, you just have to master the tactics that I have proven to do the trick. Don’t fret on whether you have the best microphone or you think your voice is weird or something else, because it’s all very simple. 

In this episode:

  • Biggest roadblocks that people get tripped on why they cannot record or produce quality podcasts
  • The five simple tactical secrets to help you record flawless audio from your home
  1. Quiet background
  2. Mute your notifications
  3. Your mouth should be 3 to 6 inches away from the microphone.
  4. Make sure your contact points with your body and the floor, or the chair or the desk are neutral.
  5. Look for a lower ceiling room and a carpeted one.



14 Day Rapid Podcast Launch System


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What Should You Talk About On You First Few Podcast Episode?

launch Apr 10, 2021

Launching a podcast is easy. Creating content for a podcast is hard.

Do you want to start your own podcast? Are you struggling with how to create content for it? You are not alone, most people struggle with this! 

In this episode we will talk about what kind of content you should talk about and how to structure your episodes in order to achieve the goal that you have set out for yourself when starting a new show or repurposing an existing show into something else like podcasts. We'll also go over some strategies on how best to market these types of shows once they're done and ready for distribution. 


In this episode:

- What are those leading questions you have to ask yourself

- The 14 Day Rapid Podcast Launch

- Four key things you need to have in your content before you hit publish



14 Day Rapid Podcast Launch

*Send us an email, mention this episode and I will Paypal you the difference and the workshop will just be $47.


Connect with Luis:


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Launch a Profitable Show in 14 Days with These 5 Key Ingredients

launch Apr 08, 2021

Trying to launch your podcast but not sure how? This can be done in as little as two weeks! Sound too good to be true? It's not, and let me show you what it takes. I'm here to help you with launching your podcast and repackage it into something more appealing for listeners, so that's what we will do. There are 5 key ingredients you need in order for us to be launch-ready by 14 days from now. Let’s take your podcast off the ground!

In this episode:

- The 5 things that you need to launch a profitable show in two weeks

- Get a working podcast title

- Define your listener’s journey 

- Have content that converts

- Execute on launch date

- You need to have a podcast market fit



Podcast Episodes That Sell Your High Ticket Offers with the HICSO Method

14-Day Rapid Podcast Launch Workshop

**Send us an email, mention this episode and I will honor the early bird special and the workshop will just be $47.


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Use This 4 Word Title Trick To Attract Ideal Buyers to Your Podcast Organically

monetize Apr 05, 2021

I was not planning on recording a show today but I changed my mind. It's been said that the title of your podcast can make or break it, and when you're looking for buyers- potential listeners who are ideal to buy into what you have to say-then this is especially true. Few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a client and before we could get any further than "hello" he told me how many downloads his current podcasts had so far! This is a rather short story but it is an important tip to attract potential and ideal buyers to your podcast, and it’s all about the title of your podcast.

Enjoy listening!

In this episode:

- What's the transformation you provide to your listeners

- Check out the 14-Day Rapid Podcast Launch Workshop, on how you can launch your podcast in two weeks.



14-Day Rapid Podcast Launch Workshop


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